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I'm a Swiss-bred, NYC-based producer of words and code. At various points in my life I wrote noteworthy amounts of code in Basic, Turbo Pascal, Perl, Python, Smalltalk, Ruby, Java and JavaScript. I worked at Google for 5 years. Most of the time I know what I'm doing.

For my musical and artistic obsessions read my Tumblr; for technical insights consult my blog; for some code look me up on GitHub; if you know me in person befriend me on Facebook (I will usually ignore strangers); and for lots of things mashed up together follow me on Twitter.

Blog Salt Mines

Tales of electronic drudgery

Lessons on Mobile Platforms from an Ancient JavaScript Game

I recently realized that I’ve been continuously programming in JavaScript for about 16 years. That is, I’ve been writing at least little snippets (and sometimes heaps) of JavaScript at... Read more
Nov 11

Robolectric 2.2: Some Pages from the Missing Manual

When I have a conversation about Android development with anyone I usually end up complaining about how hard and annoying testing is. I think Google did a huge disservice to the community by... Read more
Oct 11

The Test-Infected Programmer’s Android Apothecary

Earlier this week I gave a lightning talk about testing at an Android meetup in New York. Because, on the surface, testing is not the most exciting topic in the world, I tried to spice it up with a... Read more
Jun 21

Tumblr Nik's Vorfreude

Highly subjective preview of happenings in NYC and beyond

Week of 10/20/13: Trim the Britten Bucket List

Britten’s Serenade for Tenor, Horn and Strings at Carnegie Hall: Wed, 8 pm I’m not going to write about the obvious event of the week, since everybody and their grandmother already did.... Read more
Oct 22

Week of 10/14/13: A Xenakis Release

ICE Album Release, Xenakis Concertos at Spectrum: Wed, 7 pm Xenakis occupies a space in my canon right adjacent to the photographers Bernd and HiIlla Becher, which is why it seemed logical to tape... Read more
Oct 15

Week of 9/30/13: Russian Complications

The Nose at the Met Opera: Thu, 8 pm (& throughout October) I have a lot of gripes with the Met. For one, I haven’t ever come away completely satisfied from any of their productions. That... Read more
Oct 1

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Zwitscher zwitscher
Frankly, I've always wondered who is hiring all these junior developers straight out of bootcamps.
Jul 6
This thread (randomly in the NYC.rb meetup group) has some damning claims on the success rate of coding bootcamps:
Jul 6
One of the clearest summaries of the Greek crisis I've seen (PDF link)
Jul 2